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What a Great Week!

When all the lowerclassmen are busy panicking for their hell week this semester, I am blogging. And sleeping. My next examination is on Fri...


UP Graduation Rites. Busy-ness. Isobar.

UP Graduation Rites I am really hopeful to graduate on time. Seeing these dormmates who were ones students like me, striving hard to gradu...


What the? Spam Blog Daw oh!

Spam Blog daw ang blog ko! Panu nangyari yun!


The Adenture-- Today

So, earlier I was in a big adventure. I rode the bus to Cubao. Taxied and I started to get impatient. This man told me to give him extra ...


Day of Doom

I have enlisted in 19 units I said , and got 5 units for the first run. Pagdating ng second run ng crs. 5 units. Angaling talaga. Eto ang cu...


CRS & The Disappointment

Okay, so I am hoping I can get Geol 1 and Pan Pil 19 in CRS (Computerized Registration System) that we, UP students use to enlist ourselves ...



Oh-kay. So, still. I can't forget. It sucks to hope and hope still. Although I know that I'm hopeless and it's done [oh well, no...


Pulp Summerslam, The Exam & Disappointment

Tomorrow is Pulp Summer Slam 7: Deadly Sins and being the real me, I could find a way to get there tomorrow at Amoranto Stadium. But, for to...


American Idol- Top 6

Who's going home? I really think that last night was one of the best nights in Idol. And according to those performances, I rank the Ido...


Hey, What's Big With Summa?

I do aim for a "laude". But for us engineering students, it stays as a dream. Only a few can do that. A chosen 1/6 of the populati...


Exam Score & Bad Luck

Last Saturday, I had my 1st LE in Math. And I thought I could easily get an 80%. But my score was, only 60% enough to pass. =) Next Saturday...


Duckpin Bowling

Today was my first day in Duckpin Bowling (The Game). So I woke up early, had my breakfast, bathe and off to the Alumni Center I go. My butt...


My 1st Exam in Math

Yesterday was my exam in Math 53. I have to retake the subject, even if I got 4.0. I was required by my professor to do that since I should ...


Oops! New Layout

New Layout. Enjoy. My new addiction. Heroes. =)


I Wanna Sing This Song To Her...

See the pyramids along the Nile Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle Just remember darlin' all the while You belong to me See the market ...


American Idol- Top 7

Last night was hot. Some Idol did pretty well than expected. Some didn't do that much good as expected. Here's my list: SUPER HOT Me...


Shooting Rampage & Murder

What. The last time I watched TV was last two weeks, and the topic was about elections and all... And much to my surprise, last night's ...


Good for UP?

CHED orders no tuition hike in state universities The Freeman 04/16/2007 In line with the...


My First Three Days

I miss Kalai so much. I am only three days in here. And I already miss my home back at Olongapo. Fuck that I have summer classes. Well, good...


Kian Kazemi Out & The Big Brother Swap

For four installments of Pinoy Big Brother, we’ve seen different people cross paths while they were inside the PBB house. But now Kuya has m...

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