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I Am Pogay Trends Worldwide for It's Showtime - #IAmPogay

Never running out of new concepts. It's Showtime! presents their newest segment - I Am Pogay. 


Megan Young

This issue of Mega Magazine has three of the finest girls on its cover - Carmina Villaroel, Miss Tweety de Leon and Megan Young. The firs...


Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo Wedding Special

Eto na. This is it. The most anticipated wedding special of the year will air tonight right at ABS-CBN after TV Patrol World . The first ...


Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Bets

Every pageant analyst would tell you that Sandra Seifert, Miss Negros Occidental, has the greatest chance on winning the coveted title of M...


Laarni Losala for Pinoy Dream Academy Grand Star Dreamer

Undeniably, the best that's left in the competition, Laarni Losala , is set to face Van Pojas, Bugoy Bugayon, Liezel Garcia, Miguel Me...


Not Another Pinoy Idol Rant and Other Stuffs

ABOUT MY BLOG AND OTHER RACKETS Sorry for leaving my blog for almost three weeks without a single update. It caused my Google Adsense earn...


Kid Camaya on Pinoy Idol

Definitely, Kid Camaya of Pampanga is the best of the remaining six as Pinoy Idol reaches its third to the last week. It is confirmed that...


PINOY IDOL: Kid Camaya

If there is one contestant in Pinoy Idol, that I'm very pleased to watch every now and then, it's Elizalde "Kid" Camaya. ...


Of Foreign Reality Shows

So You Think You Can Dance: Comfort is Back I have recently been addicted to So You Think You Can Dance? and has been watching the show in...


Of Pinoy Reality (Drama) Shows

Its kind of disappointing how the local franchise of reality shows are murdered in our country. Everyday, I sit in front of the TV and wait ...


Miss Universe 2008: Latina Fever

Three more days to the Finals, Latinas are the ones to beat this year! After a year of Asian beauties' dominion on Miss Universe 2007, ...


Of Reality Shows, Organization and Other Stuffs

Of Reality Shows Thank God the worst season of Pinoy Big Brother's over. And it's a huge disappointment that again, it became a cha...


Pinoy Idol: Top 12 Female

Well, as expected, the program sucked. I recognized that they used the sucky Arial font for the labeling in the bottom of the screen, and i...


Pinoy Idol : Top 12 Male

Crappy and boring. That sums up the first staging of Pinoy Idol performance night. With mediocre performers plus unworthy commentators, not ...


David Cook WON

And with 56% of the votes, by far the largest voting results, with 97 million votes counted, 12 million votes ahead of Archuleta, David Co...


American Idol FINALE :D

The judges were extremely horrible listeners. LOL. I believe that DA stepped up tonight, but not much that DC would be scared. We saw how em...


Pinoy Idol: Top 24 Revealed

The Top 24 of the local Idol show, Pinoy Idol, has been revealed. Twelve male and twelve female contestants were chosen from thousands of ho...


Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Gone: Priscilla Out; Robi, Rona Nominated

Priscilla Navidad, the 18 year-old hearing impaired Atenista, was sent home after a landslide results last Saturday. Navidad has gotten roug...


Vote DAVID COOK through Skype! :D

I don't know if this is free or not, but its worth the try. You can use SKYPE for voting in American Idol! :] Woo. A friend has confirm...


AI7 Results: Syesha Sent Home

And as expected, we say goodbye to Syesha Mercado, the late-bloomer fiva. She was kicked off the game earlier as we welcome our new Final ...

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