The Tale of a New Website

I have always wanted for our highschool to have an official website. I have hosting and I can coordinate with the student council so that th...

I have always wanted for our highschool to have an official website. I have hosting and I can coordinate with the student council so that the website would be put up. I have high dreams for it to be a social network, a portal for all RSHS students, once-students, and alumni. There, we can reminisce how highschool life was. We can compare the past and the future. We can relive how the school has been a haven for excellence and self-development.

I can do just that. You can do that for me too. Here's what you can do. Just click the logo below which directs you to the contest sponsor Orphicpixel.com. As simple as that. The contest just needs to raise more backlinks from my site, and if I get the highest backlinks to his site, then I will be able to get a new domain name, which I can use for my alma mater.

I really hope that I will be able to purchase a site for my school. So much for highschool memories. :)
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James Arnold Nogra said...

nice story... way back in high school, I have created a website... when I try to access that website, it says that the web host is closed already... ahehehehe

Mars said...

now this is for a cause, i like your purpose man, thanks for joining good luck

richard said...

well, good luck... just coordinate with your batch president and favorite teachers.. :-)

Ada said...

I want you to have a new domain, I clicked the logo :)

Anonymous said...

dahil gustoo ko din ang porpuse mo Kuya..
maki click na rin ako ng logo.. :)

manoelster said...

nice site. infotainment and more.

rsdkopeecag said...

@James Arnold Nogra:
We all try to do things like that. Haha. Geocities ba 'yan?

Thanks for having this contest. I hope I win. :-)

Kaya 'yun, pero sana click mo 'yung logo. :)

Thanks for clicking the logo :-)

Wow, thank you! :)

Thanks so much. Infotainment, nice new word ah :)

Mars said...

your doing great on my contest, second from the contestants

rsdkopeecag said...

Woah. I do? :-) Ang galing naman.Saya-saya!

Mars said...

sir both are counted, as you observed from the stat above, there are two origins of links from your blog, one is from http://inghinyero.blogspot.com/2009/06/tale-of-new-website.html and the other one is from the root site http://inghinyero.blogspot.com, all in all, links from is 21 + 16, your the second on this contest sir, more clicks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kuya Rommel, we are Tin and Lia, the new res of Molave. We support you!!! Woohoo!! Naki-click na rin po kami.. haha.. =) Sana makuha mo po website mo..c",)

jehzlau said...

yan na click ko na. tapos na ba yun? hehe :D

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