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A month ago, I was too worried. The third list of qualified applicants for the dormitories in UP Diliman has just been released and my name&...

A month ago, I was too worried. The third list of qualified applicants for the dormitories in UP Diliman has just been released and my name's not yet there.

Three months before that, I was eying to change dormitories. That time, I felt dissatisfied with the way things were at Molave. A lot of newcomers went in and they went in with a bang. Marami sa kanila, pa-star. I do not want to go to Yakal too because of that. Sabi kasi ng friends ko, sa Yakal, you have to stand out; you are trained na maging pa-star. I don't want my life to be meddled with and besides, a lot of Molavers (as we call ourselves) has gotten close to me, so even when I'm quite unsure, I still wrote Molave as my first choice.

I never held office for a dormitory council. I can but I choose not to.

Last year, I was a member of an autonomous group in Molave, its newsletter, Kanlaon. Just to be able to establish a student publication for the dormitory, I agreed to be the Associate Editor. I admit that besides my Kalay barkada, it was only in Kanlaon meetings where I find myself really happy. It was only where I am able to express what I have in mind and be proud of what I wrote. It is only where I can share laughters, and chitchats for so many hours. Even at the wee hours of the evening, when other dormers sleep-slash-are trying to sleep. There are these press days when we burn the midnight oil to ink our paper with our thoughts and crappiness.

I must admit, I was kind of disheartened when an issue came up last year about the staff, particularly me. That time, I was thinking, that was the sign I am waiting for. The next few weeks I told myself I'll just suck up a few more weeks and I won't see the faces of these whatever people. I had forgiven them, as well as the one who started the issue. But then again, I still stand by the staff's firm statement that there was nothing wrong with what was written about in one section of our publication. I kind of confirmed to myself how I will be at another dormitory next year - happy, and at peace.

But then, Lady Luck probably smirked at me three weeks ago. A day after the third batch was released, I got accepted wherelse, but in the Molave Residence Hall. What I thought was, I have lived in this dormitory for about six semesters already and there can't be anything I can't stand but the people in it. Fortunately for me, the people involved in last year's issue weren't accepted in Molave. Now, I can start anew.

Last week, Kanlaon had a meeting. We are supposed to be electing the new officers, but we end up appointing since we lack members. Around half of our staff were displaced to other dormitories. The deliberation came and I was appointed as the Editor-in-Chief for this year. Even if I told them that my academic and organizational load won't allow me, they insisted,until I cannot unaccept the position. I just think of positive thoughts.

What I was thinking is that I would be an instrument into making Kanlaon a better group and for us to be able to meet our mission and vision. I didn't waste time and in an hour, our staff appointees are complete. We then discussed our strategies for recruiting new members of the staff. I must say, I am proud to be a part of the pioneering batch of the publication. It sure is overwhelming to see its growth after a year. It is definitely orgasmic if it still stands fiver or ten more years after.

Not only that, I was also one of those who signed up for the new and improved Newbies Orientation Program Committee (NOPC). And this past week, I can see how the new residents respond in what we have been formulating since the start of the semester. It was truly overwhelming to see them enthusiastic and doing what the purpose of the activity such as sigsheet signing is. Of course, in meeting the newbies, I don't want to be just someone who just signed them and would not care after. I always make sure that I would make a mark, that I would at least be able to get basic information to them and in return, I can share them who I am and give them other interesting facts they might want to know. Two days ago, a flock of newbies barricaded me to have their sigsheets signed; and sure as hell, some of them will be able to read this. Some would now be saying their hellos to me when they see me anywhere in the campus. Some would eventually be lunch buddies and some might be under my rule in Kanlaon.

It was kind of funny how I was able to recover. It was kind of funny how my mind changed in just little time. That has got to have a reason.

Probably, I love Molave more than what I think I do. Probably, deep inside, I was really gearing myself up to be an instrument in making my stay and my co-dormers' stay in Molave worthwhile.

Probably, of the newbies whose sigsheets a night ago - some of them will feel the same way as I do.

Probably, they will be able to learn and realize how they love Molave - I hope its as much as I do.

It is now confirmed that I am living in the same dormitory - satisfied, happy and at peace.
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