January 26, 2014

Who is Cedric Lee? Vhong Navarro Beaten Up, Deniece Millet Cornejo Controversy Continues (Exclusive Photo)

Who is Cedric Lee is currently trending all over the country. Google searches have lead to different sites because of his involvement in the Vhong Navarro-Denise Millet Cornejo Controversy. Get to know who Deniece Cornejo is, here.

To get to know Cedric Lee, look at the pictures below:

Along with Bernice Cua Lee, Cedric Lee caught Vhong Navarro and Denise Cornejo in a very compromising position at the 22-year-old student's residence. Reportedly, these two did a citizen's arrest and brought Navarro at the headquarters of the district.

A police report was then filed as the girl cried for help when Navarro "attacked" her.

According to Pep.ph, Vhong Navarro's camp had revealed the name of Cedric Lee, as one of those who extorted and mauled over him:
Pinangalanan ng kampo ni Vhong Navarro ang isang nagngangalang "Cedric Lee" bilang isa sa mga taong nambugbog diumano sa komedyante noong January 22 sa isang condo unit sa BGC. Sa panayam ng legal counsel ni Vhong na si Atty. Alma Mallonga sa Startalk ngayong hapon ay binanggit nito ang pangalan ni Cedric, na hindi raw niya personal na kilala.
According to some netizens, Cedric Lee is actualy Vina Morales' ex-boyfriend two years ago.

Cedric Lee Exclusive Photo can be found below:

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