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Da Blog for Week 3

Its Saturday once again. Who's gonna be Da Blog for Week 3? The winner of Da Blog for Week 3 is Parapnasia http://parapnasia.blogspot.co...


Da Blog for Week 2 & Nominees for Week 3

It's Saturday again! And we have the results! The winner for Da Blog Week 2 is: Jezhlau Concepts http://jezhlau.blogspot.com Here are th...


Da Blog of Week 1 (Results)

Its time to know who wins the polls and who attracted my attention the most: Da Blog of Week 1 is: "My Two Cents Worth" http://gwa...


Da-Blog Award & Prize

The winner of Da-Blog for this week gets this: The second placer gets this: The third placer gets this: For the Hall of Famer: A Hall of Fam...


Week 1- (Da-Blog Top 10)

The Poll: Which of the following blogs shall win the Week 1 of Da-Blog? The Dork Factor Bikoy My Two Cents Worth The Scion of Our Times Disa...


Week 1: Da-Blog Magic 15

Here are the nominated Magic 15 blogs for this week: + Patience Is A Virtue ( http://100mbps.blogspot.com ) + My Two Cents Worth ( http://gw...


DaKopi names +Da"BLOG"+

Yah. Yah. I know I'm on hiatus. But I am starting a new craze in my site: I am now accepting nominations for Da-BLOG. Da-BLOG is a wee...

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