CRS & The Disappointment

Okay, so I am hoping I can get Geol 1 and Pan Pil 19 in CRS (Computerized Registration System) that we, UP students use to enlist ourselves ...

Okay, so I am hoping I can get Geol 1 and Pan Pil 19 in CRS (Computerized Registration System) that we, UP students use to enlist ourselves in the classes we want to be in, online.

And guess what, all the excitement and longing to see the results of the subjects that I got, I checked the site early, and there it goes, a big disappointment, 5 units + 2 no credit subjects, namely Physics 72, Physics 72.1, CWTS (Geography) and PE (Philippine Folk Dance) were all I got.

The subjects I SO WANT TO BE IN flew away just like that. Darn darn CRS. Crap, crap my expectations.

Err. I'd have teacher's prerogative na lang and enroll in the late registration period which would take a lot of time. Worst thing pa, I don't have anywhere to stay pa sa June. Oh well. Ang sucky ng life no.


My Math 4th long exam turned out to be the hardest so far. Oh and did I mention that I might really fail this exam? My projected grade for this exam after I had taken it was 58%. And normally, when I predict my score, it's always lower than the real score. And... yup, just so you know my target grade for this exam is .... whoohoo... a whopping 98%!

Darn. Darn. I have to study more. I have to perfect the Finals. What a large dream though!


Okay, so last night was American Idol Final 3 Showdown. I want both Blake and Jordin to go through to the Finals.

And it looks like, one of them's going home. And I'd be sad with that.

Oooh! I am so so happy! Melinda's out... It's Blake and Jordin in the Final 2! Woohoo! Celebrate Dakopiboi, celebrate.


In Miss Universe, my primary bets are: India, Venezuela, Greece, Mexico and Tanzania. For Miss Photogenic, it's always Philippines or Puerto Rico, though.

I so hope Anna Theresa Licaros would be able to bag a semifinal slot, then she could get through and fight it hard to the finish, well, she only have the chance to win this if she gets through the semifinals.


In Philippines' Next Top Model, Rina and Grendel were judged as the bottom two but both weren't eliminated. I think they want Elf eliminated but Elf did well in that photoshoot. So, they give Grendel and Rina one more chance to prove themselves. Jenn is now getting consistent.
My ranking: 1) Grendel; 2) Jenn; it's a close call with 3) Rina... last, Elf. Just don't like her.


Congratulations to Eric and Danielle for winning The Amazing Race: Stars! My bets won.


In Survivor: Fiji, its Yau Man Chan who I would have wanted to win but, yup, he lost. Just down to the Final 4 and that freak, Dreamz lied to him. Oh well. No one from the Final 3 deserves to win.


I have just watched "You Give Love A Bad Name" of Blake Lewis and I am now a fan.


That's it for now. Finals is coming. Both in Duckpin and Math. Can you believe it? I have a written Finals Exam in Duckpin Bowling! Arrgggh.


Ciao! Haha.
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