You Oughta Know

This is kind of a post-turned-meme. Basically, Daniel Jr got this from Jod and then, I liked the idea so I'm posting this on both my M...


Restless. Tired. Classes.

Well, classes started three weeks ago and it felt like it's a semester's work already. I have loads of things to do. Loads of articl...


TAGS Galore :-) Part 2

As I've promised yesterday, I'll post another tag This one's requested by Bryan and Fiona, both are Multiply friends. I guess yo...


TAGS Galore :-)

As far as I remember, I have been tagged twice in Multiply [by Fiona and Bryan] and once at the bloggosphere. So, since I have nothing to bl...


Of Reality Shows, Organization and Other Stuffs

Of Reality Shows Thank God the worst season of Pinoy Big Brother's over. And it's a huge disappointment that again, it became a cha...


And I'm Back

Back to Manila So I went back to Manila last Friday, just in time for the University of the Philippines DOST Scholars' Association (UPD...



DISCLAIMER: I’ve been waiting days to post this entry. I’ve been thinking if it’s worth a post, or if it’s worth reading, or I’d follow my h...

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