New Home. Inghinyero's Back.

I must admit. This blog has been instrumental for me to be more mature and has been a witness to a lot of things that happened in the past t...


UPCAT 2008 Results: Know if You Passed!

If you live far from UP Diliman or you just want to know the results fresh, I'd be going to the Office of the University Registrar on J...


Choose to Know. Say NO! :D

C h oose to Know. 1 Stop Misinformation. (Condensed Version of the M ANIFESTO OF PROTEST AND APPEAL : To the Memorandum of Student Re...


Talk to Him.

The Bottom Line Boost your social life by connecting with someone you normally would not talk to. In Detail You can give your social lif...



Please visit my new website: HERE. INGHINYERO. HERE.


Happy New Year!

I know that this post is waaaay too late to greet you a happy new year!!! But hey, better late than never. *lame excuse* It was a happy 200...

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