April 4, 2007

Chapter I: UP, Here I Come! SOEP on the Run.

Warning: This post is very long. Consisting of two chapters.

It's been so fast. I can still recall the first time I walked at the UP Grounds. My brother toured me to this and that. It was about April 19.

April 30. I checked in at Kalayaan Residence Hall for the Summer Orientation/Enrichment Program.

I can still remember the feeling. Which was exhillarating. So overwhelming that I am stepping on the grounds of UP. Where bright minds meet. Where I shall make my dreams come true.

May 1. Its the start! Woohoo. SOEP has started. So as my UP Life Adventures.

SOEP was fun. I met a lot of friends. The first friends I have in UP. Hmm. SO sad that it's just for a month that all of us would be together. Hmm. But again, it was filled with fun so memories really make me smile and all.

Of course, I got attached with the Gonzalez peeps, which forever stayed strong. Hmm. We won a lot against other sections. Against our SOEP teachers.

I can still remember people I first met. I slid in front of the class at the first day of class.
The rainy days. The bad hair days. The days which we are academically active. The days which we are ready to go one hour after our lecturer uttered his or her first word. Si Joyce.

Ang G! Clap Clap Clap! Gerda.

Arrggh. It ended so fast.

May 31. SOEP Scholars' Day Out. This was the Bonding Day for Gonzalez. Waah. I miss them. But this people were the same people I'd be in the first day of classes. So, no worries. That last day was memorable. We started by practicing for our performance at the SDO. Then, we ate together. We won together. We were declared the best section of SDO 2007. The picture sessions. The Cake Eating-Icing Throwing at Kalai. I miss all that. We left each other with fun memories, and then and there I know I can survive UP. I already have my first friends in my college life to support me. =0

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