On Spammers & Flooders

I really hate spammers! I hate them more than flamers! I despise flooders, especially in Friendster. I was so happy cause they changed their...

I really hate spammers! I hate them more than flamers! I despise flooders, especially in Friendster. I was so happy cause they changed their theme to "cool blue" but there's this three persons who had filled the bulletin board with like 20 f*cking irrelevant messages which makes me mad. I mean, it's nothing really important and all, what benefits would you get from doing that?

Desperate, f*cktards. Sorry for the reaction. I just want to live peacefully without them.

Okay, so yesterday was our Mathematics 53 4th long examination. I thought it would be easier as for the scope of the test circulated in only three topics. Integration (The Definite and Indefinite Integrals), Fundamental Theorems of Calculus, Areas (Bounded by the curve and Between Curves)... And it should have been easier, but he had to make a way for us to crush our heads again. Ten-item. 3o-point exam. Shocks! That's 10% of your score per item.

F*ck. Again, I failed it. I am hoping that I garner about 40-60%. But I think I'll only get 45%.

Hmm. Good news. We have 5th and 6th Long examinations which can be a way to like pull my grades up more.
My grammar sucks.

Another bad thing
: The Chemistry and Physics 3rd Long Examinations was scheduled at the same date March 24. The Physics and Math Finals was scheduled March 28.

I just have to prioritize things. By next two weeks, expect me to have a hiatus. But for now, I'll blog and post still. It's not yet the end of the world ya know.

As for my Humanidades 1 project, its about Love and Erotic Stories. Haha. Ganda di ba? Freshie pa kami lahat sa group but that was the topic that was given to us. Fortunately, we are the last group to report. Lucky, lucky us.


On Kalai, I feel the belongingness more. If before, di ako makapagkulitan sa kanila and all, ngayon ayos na. We even share things pa, kwento ganyan. Tapos we watch movies together pa sa floor namin. We can frankly tell to each other our concerns. And that's good. And I was not changing, I just have been better to deal with. I guess that people just have to open themselves more to others for them to gain friends and live a free-flowing life.


Last two days, Ate Rain was like (nagulat ako)... she joined me while eating. And when we were like conversing and all, it gets to the point when I said, I am about to shift to
Materials Engineering. She asked why. I told her it would be easier for me to graduate if I'll shift there. Then she reacted: "Hindi mo dapat iniisip iyong 'madali lang', walang challenge iyon. You have to think if you like it or not. Kasi you'll be dealing with it your whole life."

Oh, yes. There's no more turning back.
If you have to live a really happy life, you should know what you want. Yes, its better if you'll easily graduate and finish the course, but if you don' t like what you're doing then why stay at it and be stuck unhappy for the rest of your life.

As for me, I really want Biotechnology, and/or Computer Science. I have dreams of being an engineer, an electronics & communication engineer, which ALL if I had put as my first choice I could have gotten it. But no regrets, I am shifting next year, that's for sure. I'd like to be a Statistician too. What course I'll choose. It's kind of blurry right now, since I have failing mark in Math and uhmm, that advice told by Ate Rain to me has a huge impact on me, aww.


Well, gotta live life.


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