Love of a Loser

As I was going back to memory lane last night, I once watched about this play in my first year high school. It's called Teenapalooza, mu...

As I was going back to memory lane last night, I once watched about this play in my first year high school. It's called Teenapalooza, much about the teen life, love, school, socials, and all the things that go around the teen world. I was a freshman. And I really did not think of any of it as serious. That there can be this world of teens. I realize how the production was made, the dillemas shown and how the impulsive generation of the present were illustrated. I try to distinguish whatever teenage life has to offer than getting yourself in-between with a lot of things.

One most thing I see, is that when you're a teen, you start to fall in love. And as this month closes, three days from now February comes. And is it still the Love Month? Where should we go? We are the ones who are unloved. On February 10, Close Up will launch yet again their annual "free-to-kiss your girl" movement. And as they call it Lovapalooza, I hear it myself... Love-of-a-Loser. And ten times reiterating in my mind how I was so terrible in loving. When all I know is to love, and I can't care if she loves me back. Although I know that there will come a time that someone will love me the way I do. Will she hold onto me, even if I still love someone from the past?

It is a great achievement to love. It is greater achievement to be loved. Shall I continue to be a LOSER in this aspect of life. Yeah, right.

AND when I choose to celebrate Valentines' loving someone I could never have. I shall choose to embrace myself. I still believe through the value of Valentines and the worth of love, that even as she's not there (I'm not expecting anything), I'll still be one of those who'll be waiting for the clock to turn pass the Love Day.

And screams, "Pakshet! UP Fair na!".

Then, as I deprive myself of freedom to love again... I can take some time to see rock bands live. With of course, they, singing these emotionally vulnerable songs that can really touch the Love of a Loser.

Here's one song, from Typecast. It's called February.

The floor is empty
Where we used to lie
I remember
Every moments i'm with you
The season is changing
The summer is here
I wish to be with you
I want you here
Here i am
Expecting for the best
And there you are
A hundred miles away
There's nothing to do
I'm so into you
The tv don't mean anything now
You're the one
You're everything i need
I miss the cold..
February is gone
When will i see you again?
I dont want to spend the summer alone....

The loser loved, and unloved.
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