February 2, 2014

Deniece Cornejo Startalk Interview Video, February 2, 2014 - Challenges Vhong Navarro in Court

Denise Cornejo Startalk Interview Video - The tension is brewing by the minute. Today at Startalk Interview, Deniece Cornejo had challenged the comedian actor Vhong Navarro in filing a case against him for attempted rape.

She also admits that the model fully understands the reception and her awareness with the sympathy of the public and media for Navarro.

During the interview, Deniece Cornejo told she's not afraid of anyone because she claims she didn't do anything wrong. Also, she denied she had facial surgeries in the past, as opposed to pictures rounding the social media Richter.

She also challenged Navarro to be strong enough to tell the real deal; she also told the public she'll fight this until the end.

Deniece Cornejo Startalk Interview Video here:

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