January 15, 2014

Rose Fostanes is X Factor Israel Grand Winner - "My Way" Youtube Video Replay

Rose Fostanes, the Filipina caregiver won the X Factor Israel's first season when she sang "My Way" during the finale last Tuesday.

Here is the video of the announcement:

Watch Rose Fostanes X Factor Israel Grand Winner Singing My Way Youtube Video Replay

Her performance of the song earned her a standing ovation from the four Israeli judges.

The song, known for being emotional, is also popular in Philippines as bad luck. The Frank Sinatra song is done in classic with orchestra. Osang Fostanes got standing ovations from the judges and the audience.

To watch the finals, Mel Adel and Nancy, her sister were flown to Israel. At the end of the night, X Factor Israel made history as Rose Fostanes won the hearts of Israelis.

 Various entertainment and news websites and blogs call 47-year-old caregiver, Rose Fostanes, the X Factor Israel season 1 winner, as the show’s surprise star.
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