Sam Concepcion Bench Naked, Almost Nude Sexy Photo

Singer-actor-host  Sam Concepcion  is a boy no more! And yes, he is getting hotter and bolder...

Singer-actor-host Sam Concepcion is a boy no more! And yes, he is getting hotter and bolder and braver.

Sam recently had his a topless pictorial for the local clothing brand Bench. Expect a half-naked photo of the singing heartthrob all around the Philippines, if not on Billboards along Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare in days to come.

Asked why he decided to go sexy? Sam said: “I couldn’t do it when I was younger. I knew my fans would be taken by surprise. Pero topless lang naman ako [But I'm just appearing topless], just showing my torso.

Even those whom I’ve worked with before, baka magulat din pero maging sila nag-mature na rin [even they might be surprised, although they have also matured].”  he added.

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