July 7, 2013

Philippine Super Liga 2013 Opening | PSL Team Petron vs Team Cignal Scores, Updates, News, info (July 7 Match)

The Philippine Super Liga 2013 (PSL 2013) kicks off with a match between Team Petron and Team Cignal.

Team Petron lays out a promising team with UAAP stand out players included. Cignal, on the other hand is expected to give them tough time.

Venus Bernal is Top Scorer from Team Cignal, 17 points. Arriane Agarin is best player of the game

Updates from Solar Sports Twitter Account:

Team Petron:
Dimaculangan, Tabaquero, Ho, Ortiz, Maizo-Pontillas, Caballero, L-Curato

Team Cignal:
Argarin, Gendrauli, Datuin, Tubino, Bernal, Aguilar, L-Reyes

Team Cignal (1-0) vs Team Petron (0-1) 
Game Score Update: (3-0)
25-23 in favor of Team Cignal

  • wins it in straight sets. 25-22, 25-17, 25-23.
  • Gendrauli punches it through the blockers! 23-22,
  • Ortiz blocks fellow ex-Tigress Bernal.
  • There should be a spike-o-meter, these girls are hitting the ball really hard!
  • Soriano puts it in noone's man for the score. All 15.
  • : Will there be a livestream? :(” No livestream but we are working on a solution, give us a few days. Thanks
  • 1st technical timeout in the 3rd set, 8-6 in favor of

  • Soriano with the service error to start the 3rd set.

    Team Cignal vs Team Petron (2-0)
    25-17 in favor of Team Cignal
    1. Bernal finishes the rally with an emphatic kill. 2nd technical timeout. 16-8,
    2. Bernal wih the point off the blockers. 15-8,

    FIRST SET:  
    Team Cignal vs Team Petron (1-0)
    25-22 in favor of Team Cignal
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