Instant Mommy (Trailer) - Cinemalaya 2013 Movie Entry

Eugene Domingo  is paired with Japanese actor  Yuki Matsuzaki  in Cinemalaya2013 movie entry "Instant Mommy," written and direc...

Eugene Domingo is paired with Japanese actor Yuki Matsuzaki in Cinemalaya2013 movie entry "Instant Mommy," written and directed by Leo Abaya.

Eugene had to learn Japanese for her role in the light comedy-drama Instant Mommy. She is cast as Bechayda, a wardrobe mistress in TV commercials, who pretends to be pregnant to keep her Japanese fiancé. The comedienne even shot a birthing scene for a crucial sequence in the movie.

Hollywood-based Japanese actor Yuki Matsuzaki plays Kaeru San, a 40-something Japanese businessman who is the love interest of Bechayda. He was previously seen in period films such as The Last Samurai (2003) and Letters From Iwo Jima(2006).

Instant Mommy also stars Luis Alandy as the ex-boyfriend of Eugene’s character and Rico J. Puno as the father of Eugene’s character.

"Instant Mommy" will be shown from July 26 to August 4, 2013 in CCP and selected Ayala Cinemas as part of Cinemalaya Film Festival New Breed category.

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