September 5, 2009

Hassle Week

As you are able to see, I haven't been updating lately. The past two weeks are the kings of hell weeks.

In case you're wondering what motivated me not to post much and get addicted to blogging, its a 20% score in an exam in a Machine Design class and a 40% one in my Heat Transfer class.

Sounds reasonable enough, right?

Not only that I had loads of exams, I have loads of organizational work to do as the Publicity Director of my Mechanical Engineering organization.

I can only account rest to watching Anne Curtis and Zanjoe Marrudo's The Wedding which never fails to make me smile and updating myself with the current events in the country. Seems like Noynoy's really taking the frontrunner seat for presidency, huh?

I can't wait for this semester to end. HA! What's good is that my professors decided to cut our semester shorter. As of this date, three of the six subjects I am currently taking are already finished. I just only need to finish the requirements and take the final exams in these courses; I hope I'd be able to prepare myself for these examinations for I won't want to prolong my stay in the university.

There are only a few more semesters 'till I graduate; my aim right now is to make a name for myself and I can do that by starting right; graduating on time and practice what I have learned. I can not wait for those moments to come.


I check Facebook fifteen minutes everyday. Just to remove bugs, weeds, harvest :) Haha.
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