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After I checked my e-mail last night, I went back to the dormitory and lay myself to the bed. In a snap, I drowsed off. And I dreamt of an...

After I checked my e-mail last night, I went back to the dormitory and lay myself to the bed. In a snap, I drowsed off.

And I dreamt of an I Blog 6 being held in the University of the Philippines Theater, with loads of sponsors and thousands of bloggers.

And when I woke up, I realized I just got a hangover from a very fun-filled event.

Yesterday was the I Blog 5: The Philippine Blogging Summit. One of the events I most anticipate. Besides the 'meet and greet' default purpose of the event, a simple blogger like me, learned a lot of things.

The morning session was devoted to the more interesting parts and the fundamentals of using different types of medium in blogging. I was not able to be at the event to watch the speech from my friend Mica and her partner AJ Matela, but I was able to see Poyt and Fritz's Photoblogging part.

The part I loved the most was the Video Blogging segment by the Faboulous Kring and Azrael. It was a funny segment and I really appreciate how they handled the part given to them. It was a breathe of fresh air when Ka Edong took the stage for an interesting topic about Mobile Blogging. Truly, the cellphone is a mighty tool.

My ex co-PBB Fantasy Game housemate Benj was the next one to speak about the whatnots and what to do's in blogging. It was an intense, debate-ish piece he delivered there. It was amazing how Juned Sonido made it calmer at the half of the segment.

This blogging event had too much to offer! I thought it was the last morning segment. But comes Coy Caballes and Winston Almendras for blog promotion and traffic strategies. I noted important new techniques so that I can use it on my blog, too.

I learned that I won't be able to get the free lunch since I was late, though I registered. I hope that they told us beforehand that the free food would be for the first few only. Some of the people there didn't bring as much money, for the heck of learning and meeting new people.

I came back at the event around 1:30 for the afternoon session. I found the Atty. JJ Disini, on the stage tackling about copyright laws and legal aspects in blogging. T'was kinda great to know what things you can do to prevent people from copying your content.

I seriously think that bloggers has a huge role in the coming Philippine Elections on 2010. That's why, though how serious the topic is, and how naughty me and my colleagues Gee, Martin and Thor are, we decided to pay attention to this part of the segment. Hey, its not really boring to get yourself informed on topics like automation of elections and how we can disseminate information through blogging during the elections. This goes to show how blogging can be an influential tool in the outcome of the elections next year. Next was Ms. Janette Toral's follow-up about the topic.

The sponsors were also given loads of time this year to advertise their product. Next.

And then, problogging. The part where most of the bloggers want to venture into. Fitz talked about what probloggers would advice to do to attain success in the blogging and the things they would not usually tell. It was actually a great segment, too! It made things look easier now that the tips were simple and were made to seem like its doable.

What most of the bloggers have to learn is, that blogging should be brought up by your passion and what interests you. You didn't blog to just earn money. Bloggers blog to share, disseminate information, to express ourselve freely, to impart something from ourselves to other people who can share their opinions on a variety of topics and situations we get into.

There's really future in blogging. It is really growing.

I was able to be at the I Blog 4 last year. Man, this was a huge success! The bloggers who attended this year are of new breed. A lot of them I didn't recognize from last year. I Blog 5 had a lot of people, of different ages, of different interests. Its nothing but a great achievement for Filipino bloggers.

And of course, it was fun to institute real-life connections with the people we meet online. Its also fun to meet and greet people. Sometimes, its also funny since we call each other by our web pseudonyms.

Gah, I had a blast. I just don't have enough energy more to go to that after party. And I have no one to come with me there, too.

Though, when some people arrived, I kinda got nervous and then when my name was raffled for the shirts. Someone said "What the fuck?". And I knew who that was. But its okay. I'm used to that.

But I got a shirt! :) So I am happy.... And...

So, see you in I Blog 6. And I hope for a bigger venue, more sponsors, more freebies and more interesting topics! More friends and loads of fun!

For pictures: http://inghinyero.multiply.com/photos/album/48/I_Blog_5

PS: I also hope that the I Blog 6 would have a Multiply account next time for the pictures to be posted etc... and may I also request that next time all registered bloggers get their ID man lang. Hehe.
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