August 15, 2013

Piolo Pascual - Carlos Agassi Sex Photo Scandal Hits the Net?

Piolo Pascual and Carlos Agassi shirtlessScandals involving our most loved celebrities keep on hitting the online world recently. Just as we are not yet done talking about Chito Miranda and Neri Naig’s sex video scandal, here’s another photo scandal that seems involving some Filipino celebrity hunks.
These shirtless photos of actors Piolo Pascual and Carlos Agassi tagged as ‘scandal’ that hit the internet in 2012 resurfaced and became talk of the town this week because of a malicious, almost naked photos of two hunks as subject of a blind item.

Piolo Pascual and Carlos Agassi Photo Scandal has originated from shirtlessphotos of the two hunks such as this one
Piolo Pascual and Carlos Agassi shirtless photos hit the internet in 2012. Now, the photos resurfaced.
Piolo Pascual and Carlos Agassi shirtless photos hit the internet in 2012. The photosresurfaced this week as they’re linked to a new scandalous photo (as shown below)
Whether below photo showing a seemingly sexual act between two men are real and involves the names mentioned above, we can never tell. Unless they themselves admit it, we won’t be able to confirm.
piolo pascual and carlos agassi photo scandal is it
Who are these hunks? Can you name them?
The admission of the Parokya ni Edgar vocalist who immediately issued a public apology after their videoleaked on the internet is one of a kind. Something that we can’t expect from the people behind the new photoscandal. In this case, even an explanation can’t be expected. Though, I’m hoping I am wrong.
piolo pascual scandal
Aside from the one above, this Piolo Pascual photo scandal also hit the internet sometime last year
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