July 6, 2013

Amor y Muerte (Trailer) - Cinemalaya 2013 Movie Entry

Set in the late 16th century, Amor y Muerte (Spanish for Love and Death) is an erotic period drama starring Markki Stroem and Althea Vega.

Markki, who gained fame as a singer in Pilipinas Got Talent, is cast as Diego de Saavedra, a young Spanish officer. His character is smitten by the beauty of Amor Salonga (Althea) that he takes her to be his wife.

Amor is a sensuous young woman. She makes noises while making love, has no qualms about giving and receiving pleasure, reflecting the carefree attitude of the native woman who has yet to be tainted by Christian notions about sin and pleasure, guilt and sex.

When Amor and Diego have sex, she makes loud noises that are heard all over theirpoblacion. The town friar, Fray Santiago (played by Kuya Manzano), is so scandalized that he tells Diego to silence his wife.

As a result, Diego forbids Amor from moaning and even slaps her to keep her quiet. He covers Amor’s mouth with a pillow during intercourse, to prevent her from making noises, which almost chokes the woman to death.

In time, Amor becomes indifferent to sex until her passion is reignited when she engages in an extramarital affair with Apitong (played by Adrian Sebastian). 

Althea shot a lot of love scenes for this sexy drama movie. She shot her love scene with Markki Stroem for 47 minutes while she shot her love scene with Adrian Sebastian for 36 minutes.

Amor and Apitong even shot one of their lovemaking scenes while bathing at awaterfall. The illicit affair between the two natives results in a bloody and explosive ending for Amor y Muerte. 

Directed by Ces Evangelista, "Amor y Muerte" will be shown in CCP and selected Ayala Cinemas from July 26 to August 4, 2013 as part of Cinemalaya Film Festival Directors Showcase category.
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