June 11, 2013

Daiana Menezes an abused girlfriend? | Daiana Menezes Wound, Cuts Scandalous Viral Photos

Daiana Menezes an abused girlfriend? | Daiana Menezes Wound, Cuts Photos

Daiana Menezes, battered girlfriend? Is it true that this Brazilian beauty is actually crying for help with these posts that rocked Twitter and Instagram earlier. Moments after she posted series of photos about violence against women, as well as cuts and wounds ladden on her hand, her followers elicit questions that her boyfriend had physically abused her.

Last June 8, the Brazilian beauty had a photo with the caption "The End". She then posted photos with "NO TO RAPE" and "NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN with caption #NOtoDomesticViolence #NOtoRape. Till death do us part.

Is daiana menezes an abused girlfriend

A lot of people, celebrities and followers were concerned about the photos of the young actress. Her followers encouraged her to speak up, and responded "I'm tired of keeping it to myself already." More concerns were raised upon exposing a photo of her arm with cuts and wounds. These Daiana Menezes Cuts, Wounds Viral photos just identify and confirm her physical abuse. She said as reply to her follower, "I dunno y Filipino men can be... I have no words" and "exactly they should respect the pain it's not right to expose anymore its too much to take."

Menezes is engaged to Benjo Benaldo, Cagayan de Oro representative. They were engaged last November. Here are the Daiana Menezes viral photos posted in social networking websites.

Diana Menezes abused girlfriend

Diana Menezes bruised arm

Diana Menezes no to rape photo

Diana Menezes violence against women
Stop Violence Against Women

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